Cities With Most Attractive People in America

Urbanites have been debating and bantering for years about whicht states in America, and it’s territories, have the cities with the most attractive people in America. But what is not always quantified are the elements that make the populace of one city more attractive than other.

Tennessee marketing exec Natalie Roberson may have a clue as she pays visits to one city in a state that is not exactly known for progressiveness, enlightenment nor being particularly attractive.

“I look and feel like a troll every time I’m in Charleston, (S.C.),” she says. “Their bone structure, the preppy clothes, and the consistent — almost persistent — friendliness make everyone prettier.”

They were ranked at the top of the list last year by Travel Travel + Leisure readers. But the reasons for Charleston’s consistently high ranking differs radically from, say, Denver. With plenty of hiking, biking, and skiing, the Mile High City is home to the fittest folks in the land, according to the survey.

“The entire city of Denver has been indoctrinated by bizarre health and fitness regimes, such as kettle bell swinging,” says British Web marketer Matthew Barker. “They’re all completely bonkers —but they look great.”

Now, let’s take a look at the cities with the most attractive people in America.

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  1. San Juan friendly people? Meanest rudest people ever. You obviously haven’t traveled there in your White male suit. Hopefully will never be a state and severed so it can just be it’s own country again. Most of the island is just sitting there receiving fraudulent disability checks. The rest have some sort of government job.

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