Cher and Chris Brown Fans Battle on Twitter



 Cher and Chris Brown Fans Duke It Out Online

In what could easily be called the most random war in a social network’s history, Cher and Chris Brown caused a brutal war of words between their Twitter  followers Tuesday. The veteran singer ,66, and Brown, 22, had a brief issue online after a Cher fan insisted that Brown wrote a tweet threatening to “beat” the singer.

The statement, which many claim is a fake written on a tweet duplicating website, caused a riot on Twitter between fans of both Cher’s’Army’ and the always loyal #TeamBreezy. When asked her opinion on Brown’s alleged tweet Cher remained calm and asked,”I don’t know? Is that something he’s particularly good at?”

She was then attacked by members of his so-called #TeamBreezy that also battled it out with her Cher Army fans. Since news of his “beef” with the celeb hit, Chris has been adamant that he’s been the subject of online bullying and even issued Cher a personal apology.

This isn’t he first time Cher’s been involved in online drama, just last year she was blasted by Nicki Minaj and her hypeman Safaree Samuels. After a fan wrote to the rock icon saying, “@cher did you know that b—– @NickiMinaj dissed you in her song DIDITONEM?”, Cher quickly responded; “I’ve seen lots of people come & go! No biggie.” Nicki then wrote back “#StopIt5” before Samuels jumped in and lambasted the “Turn Back Time” star. “Yo @cher listen to the words b4 you say dumb sh— on twitter,” he wrote. Do you know what a rap metaphore is??? TM is a cult you dont want it with!” Cher later apologized.

-danielle canada

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