Michael Jackson’s Estate Sued for $1 Billion: 5 Other Outrageous Lawsuits

Michael Jackson may be gone, but his estate is still one of the highest growing in all of Hollywood. And while it’s understandable that most people would want a slice of Jackson’s profitable pie, a convicted criminal has now come out of left field and is claiming that she’s owed $1 billion from Jackson’s estate and has filed a law suit.

According to TMZ, a woman named Kimberly Griggs recently filed a case in San Diego, claiming that she and Jackson became romantically involved in 1979.

Griggs claims that Jackson chronicled their love affair on his blockbuster albums Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and his greatest hits album, Number Ones.

In the lawsuit, Griggs says that she was angered that Jackson exposed her personal secrets in his music and that to make amends, Jackson promised to give her the rights to the songs.

Griggs says that she was shocked when Jackson died and even more surprised that he left her out of his estate.

Aside from her alleged — and rather off the wall (pun intended) — affair Jackson, Griggs past also includes some time in jail for burglary and robbery charges.

Now, according to her handwritten suit, Griggs wants $1 billion dollars in damages from the King of Pop’s estate.

MJ’s estate has yet to publicly address Griggs’ lawsuit, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say they’re thinking what most people are probably thinking: this lawsuit is bogus.

Sadly, this isn’t the only bizarre lawsuit filed against a celebrity. Check out some more outrageous celebrity lawsuits below. – nicholas robinson


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