Lunatic Florida Pastor Hangs Obama in Effigy

The Christian pulpit, the place where love and acceptance is supposedly beaconed out to the world, is the spot where some prominent ministers choose to spew filth, poison and hatred for those with differing viewpoints from their own.

Terry Jones of The Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., is the lunatic Florida pastor who hangs an effigy of President Obama because he supported same-sex marriage and because Obama’s stance on abortion and “appeasing of radical Islam.”

“The Secret Service is aware of this incident and will conduct appropriate follow-up,” Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary mentioned to the media. The effigy is suspended from a makeshift gallows with a noose of yellow rope, has a doll in its right hand and a rainbow-colored gay pride flag in its left.

In a telephone interview with The Huffington Post, Jones said the flag was meant to call attention to Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage — as if the world is not aware of Obama’s stance by now after countless media outlets covered it ad nauseum — and that the baby doll is there because the president is “favorable toward abortion.”

Jones also said that radical Islam is “the most dangerous threat to life and national security in America.” The words “Obama is Killing America” are printed on a trailer nearby.

This isn’t the first time the DWOC ministry, called a cult by some detractors and critics, has been the subject of an extreme backlash for its actions. In 2011 Jones publicly burned a copy of the Muslim bible, the Quran, which incited violent rioting in Afghanistan that lead to the deaths of at least 21 people, including seven U.N. workers.

Although most readers did not like the policies of President Bush, Obama’s predecessor, it’s really hard for anyone to imagine Bush tolerating such madness and public disrespect without the perpetrators having to worry about some sort of consequences.

— terry shropshire

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  • Arnold Jenson
    September 26, 2012

    O laudy! Ol Arnie nots know where’s ta begin. Bin lookin tru and seen dis niggah hung like sum rasist Klan shot. Dis be sum outrage! Da KKK be killing Obabma!? hung like a 2 cent cloth at da dolla store. Dis alls be nots right. Ol honikie gotta pay da price fer hangin Obama like sum Alabama nigga. Ainno right. Be callins Jesse Jacksons…ols friens o arnie since days before Bill Cosby die.

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