Fathers Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Denzel and Cosby More Than Celebs, They’re Dads

What of the fathers? Everyone was enthralled with the letter that Jay-Z wrote to Blue Ivy. Everyone was concerned about the kind of father Jay-Z would be.

But parentage for Blue Ivy needless to say, means she will be one of the most blessed children of the modern day. From mansions, to private jets, to all those who adore her.

But what happens when the father is not a celebrity dad? What does life have in store? For those children of absentee fathers, who can only speak to them from behind bars, how much time will it take to heal these wounds and remove these scars? From Lil Wayne, who can afford the five he has and still have time to play, thanks to his music catalogue that keeps his detractors at bay. 

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For the children who will make another reality show, titled “I’m illegitimate, but my Daddy Was Famous and I Didn’t Know.” And for all those who will be on the ultimate reality show, local and network news for those who have committed crimes to make it to prime time. Are these the things that fathers want for our children?

If our children who have grown up without fathers wrote letters, what exactly would they say? Athletes scream “Hello Mom” and “I love you Mom” when they are featured after a winning play, but some of those same athletes, fathers, owe child support right now today. Super Bowl winners and NBA stars, collects their trophies, but still they leave scars. 

Those who become fathers and give well rounded and balanced living to their children, can rest assured that they will be honored. They will grow in self-esteem with big dreams and high morals, living life with integrity and not stopping to rest on their laurels. The confidence they carry will have a name, it’s called “father,” and his children are his claim to fame. Aren’t these the type fathers we want to praise?

But being caught up in the throes of passion and not wearing a condom, is so out of fashion. Are you as fathers going to be there when that baby is hungry, his mother is tired, and you’re not feeling so inspired. Teach them to count and to speak in terms of words that will open doors and allow them to become supreme leaders in the land. W have great examples like President Obama who has truly shown that he is a family man. And even when the woman in his life is a formidable force, he is a constant, guiding source. 

Think of all the fathers in the news today who talk about the number of their children — five, seven, 33 — as if they are keeping score. Breaking the cycle appears to be more difficult than we realized before. But the children are left to bear the brunt of their  fathers scorn and sexual stunts. 

So here we are on this Father’s Day, contemplating what we could and should do. Hopefully, if you are a father, you will work to be the best you. A person who fathers children other than his own, means he will  protect and comfort these children long after they are grown.

Father’s Day is an interesting way to celebrate dads like Bill Cosby, Denzel Washington and Obama too. It’s a challenge to maintain the position when many are having difficulty making ends meet by their own admission. But sons are looking to their fathers, and fathers to them. And so for all those who choose to share their time and be that paternal figure to so many, we say hooray. 



Munson Steed

Munson Steed
Munson Steed

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