Fact or Fiction? Gay Men Barred From Joining Alpha Kappa Alpha Threatening Lawsuit


MIAKA Threatening to Sue Alpha Kappa Alpha? 

Over the weekend rumors swirled that a group of black gay men were suing the oldest Greek letter organization for African American women. MIAKA or Men Interested in Alpha Kappa Alpha, is reportedly suing the sorority for discrimination because they are barred from joining. The homosexual men’s group claims that the sorority is homophobic and practicing gender discrimination by not allowing them to participate. No word on the exact details of the alleged lawsuit have been released.

Over the years MIAKA has made headlines for their blatant use of the organization’s colors, memorabilia and traditions. Pictures and videos of the men have surfaced at Prairie View A&M University, having probates in Alpha Kappa Alpha jackets while raising their pinkies are also available online.

While this story has been circlulating for days, it’s origin on a virtually unknown website is making it hard to believe. Despite it’s questionable validity however, members of Alpha Kappa Alpha are not amused including Star Jones who sent out a fury of angry tweets on Twitter.




Do you believe MIAKA is really suing? And if they are do they have a case against the sorority?

Check out more pictures of the men of MIAKA below.

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