Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Understand Why People Love Her Butt: 8 Other Bootylicious Stars

There’s no doubt that Kim Karashian has one of the most enviable backsides in the industry, and fans across the globe have long drooled over her gargantuan glutes. But Kardashian is now wondering why people are so in love with her butt.

“I don’t get the fact, like, why it’s talked about,” the rotund beauty told U.K.’s Heat magazine. “I don’t get it. Sometimes I get bored of talking about it. Most women have one.”

Kardashian also brought up the bizarre stories that have come up about her booty and recalled one particularly explosive story.

“There was this other thing that said that my butt exploded on an airplane — I was like, ‘Seriously?’ Where do people come up with this stuff? It’s crazy,” she said.

Just last month, Kardashian was asked by U.K. talk-show host Alan Carr about being praised for having the best bum in the world.

“It’s like an Armenian thing — it runs in the family, and we are all really curvy,” said Kardashian. “So I thank my roots for giving me a big butt!”

And we thank Kardashian’s roots and her rump as well. And she’s not the only star with a titanic backside. Check out some other big booty beauties below. –nicholas robinson

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