Manliest Cities Ranked 

If glimmering muscles, beer bottles and “manly men” nearly dripping in testosterone are more than just your fantasy and they are a reality in your city, than lucky you. You may very well be living in one of the “manliest” cities in America. Mars Chocolate has released a list of the so-called ‘manliest cities’ detailing cities rich with “manly” components like home improvement stores, manual labor occupations and of course, the ever so manly steak houses where only the manliest of men choose to dine. In addition to counting the manly traits men tend to flock to, Mars factored in a high concentration of nail salons and high-end shopping boutiques that could easily bump even the manliest of cities to the bottom of the list. Included in the top ten of the coveted list are six southern cities, while the rest are primarily towns in the midwest.

Is your city one of the manliest cities in America? See for yourself below.-danielle canada 

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