Which Cities Have Rudest People in America?

What are America’s rudest cities? As you plan your family or couple summer vacations or weekend getaways, the usual suspect cities rank near or at the top for the places people want to visit. But they are often the rudest cities in America because of that very fact. The locals live there and know you want to be there, wish you could live there, so they have a certain swag in their walk as they bask in the pride as you gawk at them and their monuments and attractions.

As you peruse through Travel & Liesure, you will notice that the larger the city, the larger the ego and the nastier the attitudes they have, although Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia — the nation’s third, fourth and fifth largest cities — did not make the list. Los Angeles, the king of rude the last three years, mainly because of being the top road rage city (if you have ever visited or lived their, you know this first hand) has relinquished that title.

So what are America’s rudest cities? Let’s find out.

–terry shropshire

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