Rapper/singer T-Pain showed up with one of the hottest cars, a 1972 Chevy Impala, at this weekend’s V-103 Car & Bike Show in Atlanta. Rolling out was there to interview Rob and Bubba from Auto Extremes in Atlanta, the two car experts who made it all possible. T-Pain’s car was definitely one of the few talking points coming from Saturday’s Car & Bike show.  The car has actual scenes from the movie “The Dark Knight” detailed into the sides of the car.

How did you guys come up with the idea?

Rob:  Well, T-pain called us up about 2 years ago and said he dreamed [about] having a “Joker” car the previous night, so we just worked hard on making that dream a reality and here it is today.

Bubba:  You may remember that his previous car was customized red and black so we remodeled the car and basically started from scratch.

How long did the remodeling take in total?

Bubba:  I would say the entire remodel took about 8 months and about 4 months to detail the Joker’s scenes from the Dark Knight.

What accessories did you put in the car?

Rob:  We put 2 JL Audio Subwoofers, which were each about thirteen and a half inches.  The car bumps.  As you can see we also did some funky things with the interior including a chrome steering wheel and built-in GPS and of course the purple leather seats.

Take a look at the rest of T-Pain’s “Joker Impala” and also check out autoextremes.net if you want the services of Georgia’s premier custom auto shop.


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