Chris Bosh’s Baby’s Mama Applied for Food Stamps

Chris Bosh and baby mama Allison Mathis have duked it out in the courts for years now

Chris Bosh, LeBron James’ Miami Heat teammate, with the Miami Heat, has learned his baby’s mama has applied for food stamps.

Celebrity gossip columnist Jose Lambiet spoke with Allison Mathis, the mother of Bosh’s child, and the lawyer and found out precisely what went down recently:

Mathis’ lawyer reportedly said that she was laid off from her construction company job and was forced to interview with the Orlando Department of Child and Family Services for food stamps.

She also told her lawyer that it is likely that her house will go into foreclosure because, as the lawyer puts it, the child support Bosh is doling out to her is insufficient to cover her mortgage payments.

Mathis’ lawyer, Allison Carey, said her client has gotten weary of the 28-year-old Bosh and has been fighting a legal battle for two years in courts of Orlando, Fla., California and Texas for everything from child support increases to how much time he gets to spend with his daughter to Mathis wanting to appear on the infamous and ultra-popular “Basketball Wives” reality TV show.

In related news, Bosh’s request to have their child travel overseas to watch him play in the Olympics was denied by an Orlando judge, which probably won’t do much to improve the relationship between the parents. Bosh got married last year andand his wife, Adrienne, welcomed a new son a few months ago.

Since Bosh signed an $18 million annual contract with the Heat last year, Mathis asked the courts to amend her $2,600 a month child support payments. In other words, she wants a sizable increase. According to state guidelines, someone making Bosh’s type of money should be paying upwards of $30,000 a month in child support.

Bosh and his new wife, Adrienne, recently welcomed a newborn into the world

Mathis first made headlines when she took Bosh to court in trying to get on the “Basketball Wives” show. Now she is embarrassing Bosh by making it seem that she is destitute by applying for food stamps, automatically implying that Bosh is a deadbeat, negligent dad putting his daughter in danger of being malnourished.

–terry shropshire

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  • zobop republic
    June 19, 2012

    Most of these atheletes are going to end up broke and bankrupt anyway!  It’s a shame!

    STOP HAVING KIDS and we/they won’t have these problems.


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