Botox Gone Bad: Celebrities and Regular People Disfigured by Excessive Procedures

Donatella Versace today. You can't even tell she is the same person as the one below.

Many go from beautiful to beastly, from the object of envy and lust to the object of scorn, derision and disgust. This is botox gone bad. Very, very bad. Many men and women, celebrities and non-celebrities, have undergone so many botox procedures and other cosmetic surgeries that they have mutilated their faces to the point that they actually look like something out of a horror-movie funhouse.

Photos of the formerly attractive fashion designer Donatella Versace were posted on radar online that shows a woman who is a scarcely recognizable humanoid version of her vibrant, effervescent, attractive incarnation of 20 years ago. And with a little research, I quickly found out that Versace’s negative facial transformation is not the worst. I could not believe my eyes with some of the following men and women.

How Donatella Versace used to look. Wow. Was it worth it???

Here are mind-jolting examples of botox gone bad. These are alarming, shocking examples of why you should perhaps leave your God-given face alone, and, if you chose alter your appearance, consider the permanent ramifications of undergoing such procedures.

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Terry Shropshire
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