Basketball Wife’s Bentley Towed Away

Just days after news hit the net that a Bentley belonging to a star of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” was facing repossession, pictures have surfaced showing the vehicle being hauled off by creditors. Jennifer Williams, who says she had no idea her high-end vehicle was $92,310 behind in payments, was apparently subjected to a repossession this month by the Toyota Motor Credit Corporation, according to TMZ. As previously reported, the company confirmed that the estranged wife of Eric Williams bought a used Bentley from them in 2006, but has failed to make payments since 2009.

Now TMZ has obtained pictures of Williams’ pearl white ride being taken away. Additionally, the website reports that it was repossessed and given a no-return order. The car is now said to be up for auction.

Despite the embarrassment that may come from having her car’s repossession played out in the public eye, the whole debacle is reportedly not Williams’ fault. Sources told TMZ that her ex Eric Williams is the one who stopped making payments and when Williams found out, she asked him to take the vehicle. Unfortunately, the repo man came to pick it up first.

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