Worse Than ‘Love & Hip Hop?’ King of Diamonds Strip Club Lands Reality Show

A famed Miami gentleman’s club could very soon be the source of your evening entertainment now that the stories of its workers are said to be coming to your TV screen. King of Diamonds, known for being named-dropped in scads of rap songs, has filmed a reality show detailing the lives of its exotic dancers and the drama that comes with their profession. In a preview of the program, the club’s owner, Terry Elliot, discussed the club’s attributes

“What makes King of Diamonds the No. 1 urban club in the world? The customers and the staff,” he says. “They got a chance to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year here,” he adds. “We got the best hairdressers,the best barbers in the house. […] We got the best dancers out [of] all the strip clubs.”

In addition to showing the best dancers in all their glory, the show will touch on Elliot’s efforts to balance managing his million-dollar sex business with being a happily married man.

The working title for the program is said to be “Make It Rain” and the show has reportedly been picked up by a major network that can show uncensored adult content. With that in mind, the show’s rumored new home is said to be HBO, which previously featured the show “Cat House” detailing the lives of women working at a legal brothel in Nevada. Similarly, HBO featured “G String Divas” in 2000.

Before news of the upcoming reality show was released, King Of Diamonds helped make two of its most popular strippers famous; Blac Chyna and Tip Drill. Chyna is a dancer in her early 20s known for her bodacious body, signature banged hairstyle and cheek piercings. She’s been name-dropped in several popular rap songs and is now the girlfriend of Young Money rapper Tyga. It is unclear whether she will be featured on the program.

Blac Chyna and her rapper boyfriend

Similarly,Tip Drill came to fame after she was revered for her dangerous stunt of climbing 30 feet into King of Diamond’s rafters before sliding upside down a pole. In February, however, things went awry and the dancer fell headfirst during a performance. She has since had surgery for her injuries and reportedly retired.

Tip Drill


If you’re interest is piqued, a not safe for work preview of K.O.D.’s new reality show is available on YouTube here.  No word on when K.O.D.’s reality show will premiere.

Is reality TV going too far or can women who are already paid to exploit themselves really be exploited any further? Guess we’ll find out  soon. –danielle canada


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