50 Cent Injured in Car Crash

50 Cent Taken to Hospital

Rapper 50 Cent was rushed to the hospital this morning after being injured in a car crash. The G-Unit rapper was being chauffeured early this a.m. in his  bullet-proof SUV when it was rear-ended  by a Mack Truck and nearly flipped over. ThisIs50 reports that the rapper was put on a stretcher and taken to the nearest Queens hospital where tests were run on his neck and back. His driver was also hospitalized.

One of his cohorts was on the scene and snapped pictures of him being carried away on a stretcher and posted them on his website morning.

This is 50’s second hospital visit in recent months. In May, 50 was hospitalized for unknown reasons and released photos of himself in a hospital bed surrounded by stuffed animals. There is still no word on why 50 was taken in.

The story on Fif’s car crash is still developing but could very well be another one of his many publicity stunts. It’s interesting to note that 50 Cent has a history of staging incidents to drum up records sales. Most recently, 50 released a song with Wiz Khalifa titled “Telescope” and is preparing to release his Five (Murder By Numbers) album this fall.

In the past 50’s staged stunts have included befriending Rick Ross’ baby’s mother Tia, a “hospitalization” after listening to Fat Joe’s album, J.O.S.E. 2 and even a threatened retirement if Kanye West outsold him in record sales. Ye of course did just that and 50 is still here.

 Check out pictures of an “injured “50 Cent below. –danielle canada

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