What Women Cheaters Want: Author Kelly Porter Speaks

What Women Cheaters Want: Author Kelly Porter Speaks

Speaking from my own experience, the one time I did cheat I felt as if my man wasn’t interested in me anymore. His behavior had changed toward me and he was rarely home. I was lonely and filled with lust for a very handsome young man and after a period of time of constantly seeing him out, I gave in.

I was looking to fill a void of sex and love, and of course, I only found sex.

Generally speaking, women cheat for the following reasons:

  • For the thrill of it; they know they can get away with it
  • Selfishness
  • She loves sex
  • Her man is cheating
  • There is an inability to communicate with her man regarding problems, and can’t find a solution
  • There is a lack of an emotional connection at home
  • She has a fear of commitment
  • She is lonely
  • Overwhelming lust and desire for someone new
  • The sex is bad or boring at home
  • She seeks a more endowed man
  • Her man is non-attentive

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