The Four Types of cheaters: Who to Forgive, Who to Forget

All cheaters are not created equal, states Alan Roger Currie, author of  “Ooooh, Say it Again” and host of the popular BlogTalk Radio Show, “Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie,” and some cheaters may actually reform themselves and become a great life-partner.

Other cheaters, however, will never stop.

Author Alan Roger Currie of

Here, Currie tells rolling out about the types of cheaters and which ones to forgive, or forget.

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  • Benton_Wilkers

    You’s only a cheata if you’s get caught.  Run like a nigga wi’t a fist full o some hoe’s dollas.  D’at be da trick.  I’s got chillins all ova da world.  D’ey dont know where I am and de’ys not gonna find out.  I’s aint gonna adm’t bein a pappy.  Gonna cost me mo d’en a drug lo’ds crib!