Memphitz Dated Another ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Cast Member?


 Memphitz Wright has been under the microscope in the past couple weeks due to K. Michelle’s abuse allegations, and he has unbelievably handled the situation very well.  Early Monday morning, Memphitz interviewed with TT Torrez at IPower’s 92.1 and gave a full breakdown of his situation with K. Michelle.  During the 30 minute interview, Memphitz revealed another bit of tea in which he felt could have helped clear his name in the situation.  Memphitz revealed that he used to date Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s voice of reason and Mimi Faust’s on-screen best friend, Arian

Mimi Faust (L) and Arian (R)

“What i’m saying is, if you can find one girl in the world- she’s been saying this for almost 3 years now; if you can find one girl in the world to support that i’ve ever did anything aggressively towards them… i’m looking at the previews and stuff and   Arian, she’s sitting with K. Michelle. Arian. Did you tell K. Michelle I used to date you too? Like, can you character witness for me right now? You  (K. Michelle).. show all these people in the show, you talkin’ about I hit a girl, I beat women, you (Arian) know me, all the time I was messing with you, did I raise my hand to you?”

Listen to the entire interview below. Memphitz revealed his past tryst with Arian in part 2 at the 4:28 mark.

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