Life Coach Kachelle Kelly Gives 5 Tips to Improve Self-Esteem

Kachelle Kelly

Occupation: Business Development Mentor, Life Coach, Author and Speaker

Years of experience: 7

Name of book: Pretty Painful

What prompted you to relaunch the book?

I originally self-published with my own finances and was able to expose the book to schools and churches across the country without the help of social media and traditional exposure. I afforded the opportunity to recently receive a full book publishing deal with Tate Publishing Company who felt that it was an amazing work to be shared. America sends a strong message that outward appearance denotes your success in life and I debunk that myth in this book.

Has the Pretty Painful audience changed since the original launch eight yrs ago?

No, but its reach has broadened with social media. Also, the content has been totally revised and includes a brand-new chapter. The content displays my growth and is indicative of today’s emergence of new issues.

Tell us about your mobile app.

The mobile app will offer a free downloadable chapter of the book and fans will be able to connect with me and others on the subject. It will also allow readers to purchase the book and join in threw social media links, a QCR scanner, voice notepad journaling and more.

What are your top five tips to achieving healthier self-esteem?

1. Reconnect with who you really are without the influences of others and the media.

2. Loving exactly who you were created to be.

3. Embracing your strengths and forgetting your weaknesses.

4. Surround yourself with people that are genuinely happy to support you & celebrate who you are.

5. Resolve issues in your life that you are suppressing. When you do good, you feel good. If you are the sharpest knife in the drawer, you are in the wrong drawer.

What forthcoming projects are you working on that our readers should know about?

I’m in the process of launching a Getting Your Happy Back group coaching program, and launching Girlfriends Rock!, an organization to foster healthy relationships among women.


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