Tyler Perry Says Diana Ross Is Avoiding Him, Other Celebs Who’ve Dissed Perry



Tyler Perry Dissed by Diana Ross

Tyler Perry has seen widespread success in the entertainment industry, yet his accolades still can’t garner him a phone call from a Motown legend. Perry, 42, revealed today that Diana Ross is the latest person to show him a lack of love in Hollywood, and in fact, seems to be avoiding him. “She’s been ignoring me for years,” Perry said to Essence. “She’s the only person that I have dreamed of working with that will not return my phone calls.”

While Perry is good friends with several Hollywood big wigs, (to much notoriety Perry bought his buddies Gayle and Oprah matching Bentleys), he seems to have struck a nerve with the ‘Supremes’ singer who wants very little to do with him. Recounting the one time when she acknowledged his presence on the telephone, Perry says. “That was it, she never called me again. She said, “No!” And that was it.”

Adding that even his friendship with the OWN network founder couldn’t help him he added, “Not when it comes to Diana Ross. You can be friends with Obama, Oprah, Trump — that is Diana Ross! So, no.”

A number of people have taken issue with Perry for his ‘Madea’ movies that depict the 6’5 black man in drag as an overweight face slapping grandmother. And his critics will no doubt have a field day Friday when his latest installment, Madea’s Witness Protection hits theaters. So who are some celebs who could join in on the impending criticism? Check out three of them below. -danielle canada


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