George Zimmerman Bond Hearing

George Zimmerman is still waiting to hear if he will be released on bond in connection with the Trayvon Martin shooting. The neighborhood watchman whose been charged with second degree murder, appeared in a Florida court room Friday, June 29, to face Judge Kenneth Lester, Jr. Dressed in a suit instead of a jailhouse jumpsuit, per the request of his attorney Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman did not take the stand, but listened intently as several people were called to testify. Suprisingly, one of those people was his own father, Robert John Zimmerman, Sr.

Defense attorney O’Mara questioned the father of the defendant about the screams heard on a 911 tape before the murder of the unarmed teen. Zimmerman, Sr. whose been adamant in the past that it was indeed his son crying for help, stuck to his guns in court today. “That’s my son,” he said to the attorney. Zimmerman, Sr. also alleged that he’d heard the tape twice before confirming that the voice was that of his offspring.

Surprisingly Judge Lester, Jr. did not make a decision on Zimmerman’s bond and could in fact not rule until next week. The neighborhood watchman will of course remain incarcerated until that decision is made. Trayvon Martin’s parents and older brother were also seen today in the court room.

Before today’s hearing, George Zimmerman was asked by investigators to reenact the yells for ‘help’ heard on the Feb, 26 night that Trayvon Martin was killed. Martin’s family alleges that the voice heard on tape was that of their 17-year-old son while the Zimmermans of course think otherwise. The Orlando Sentinel has obtained audio of Zimmerman reenacting the screams for police officials that clearly show that the voice is not his own.

Hear his reenactment and judge for yourself here.