BET Let Down Fans Looking for a Performance


Usher performs at the recent BET Awards show.

The 2012 BET Awards was a letdown if you were looking forward to a breathtaking performance.

Every year the BET Music Awards has provided the people with at least one unforgettable live performance. With an audience filled with some of the world’s best performers, you would think we were in for a treat.  However, 2012 was a year of the cameo performances.  Artist Usher Raymond hit the stage with the unexpected. No, there were no dancers falling from the sky, glowing lights, like you can usually prepare for; Instead, Usher’s Climax performance was very brief and plain.

Chris Brown performs at the recent BET Awards show.

Why did Beyonce not  rock the stage? Could BET sacrifice mediocre performance like Usher to allow Chris “breezy” Brown to dance longer than a whole two minutes?  Or is Brown and Beyonce to blame here?

Overall, this year’s 2012 BET Music Awards was an ultimate letdown  for viewers looking to see their role models, idols, and or favorite artists showcase their talent.

Are the BET Music Awards slowly turning into the hip-hop awards? Hopefully, next year at the 2013 BET Awards the people can look forward to seeing multi-talented artists such as Beyonce, Ciara, and Chris Brown show up and show out for the fans.


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