Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’ Album Review


Chris Brown has made an impressive ascent back to the top of  the Hits list — and that maybe what ‘Fortune’ is all about.

Just a few short days ago, Chris Brown released Fortune, his highly anticipated fifth studio album, and first album released from his new deal with RCA Records.  Fortune covers a myriad of genres which will certainly please fans, and shows Chris Brown’s versatility as an artist. Starting off Fortune with his popular single “Turn Up the Music” and ending it with other high-energy dance songs “Don’t Wake Me Up,” “Trumpet Lights,” and “Wait for You,” Brown shows that he knows that his most appealing trait as an artist in today’s industry is his fast-tempo songs that accompany a powerful performance.

Currently taking assuming the titleof  ‘rapper,’ Chris Brown shows off his flow right from the start with songs, “Bassline” and “Til I Die” featuring Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa.  Brown has taken to rapping to display his rebellious and fiery personality, which can also be seen in his current beef with Drake in the Chief Keef “I Don’t Like” remix.

On “Mirage” Chris Brown gives us a Caribbean feel which is easily remiscent of Rihanna.  The song which features rapper Nas, leads into Chris’ sexy set with songs like “2012” and “Biggest Fan.” Like most R&B songs of the younger generation,  little to nothing is left to the imagination.

Fortune transitions into an acoustic pop sound halfway through the album with songs like “4 Years Old” and “Free Run” which allow him to get personal and sentimental.

Overall, Chris Brown’s Fortune album combines genres, and generations to the point where fans are satisfied with the cohesive project, instead of confused by the transition of today’s R&B music.

Buy Chris Brown’s Fortune HERE and enjoy!

Currently on the radio: “Strip” feat. Kevin McCall, “Turn Up the Music,” “Sweet Love,” Til i Die” feat. Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa, “Don’t Wake Me Up,”


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