Be Careful Ladies: 3 Ways to Party Safely This Summer

Summer Safety Tips

When out enjoying the everything that goes with the season of ‘fun in the sun,’ things can happen. The pounding music can entrance you, those alcoholic drinks can effect you and ultimately those clothes, or lack thereof, can come off.

Maybe that’s not your thing however, maybe you prefer lounging poolside, beachside or just Southside with a group of your closest friends enjoying the carefree caress of the summer sun. No matter how you spend your June, July and August months however, it’s important to note that heat isn’t an excuse for carelessness, drinks aren’t an excuse for zaniness and that ‘you only live once’ motto is just a song, not a life lesson.

With that in mind there are a few things to consider when out partying, in a bikini or otherwise, that could help you stay safe this summer. Here are three quick tips for safe summer partying. -danielle canada

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