Rihanna Named Vogue Italia’s ‘Woman of the Year’


Rihanna Dubbed ‘Woman Of The Year’

Rihanna is feisty, successful and captivating. More than that, however, she’s the “Woman of The Year,” at least according to the editors of Vogue Italia. As of Thursday, July, 5, this is the second year straight the Italian version of the publication has given the songstress the distinct honor.

And since the news hit the Internet, Twitter has been on fire with comments from supporters and critics alike. “Beast!,” wrote a member of Rihanna’s “Navi” fanbase on the social network. “Rihanna woman of the year for the second year running? Duhh of course,” chimed in another.

Others are less than thrilled including a Twitter user from New Jersey who said, “Why is Rihanna voted Vogue’s Woman of the Year when she can’t even leave the man who beat her a–? What a strong independent female. #idiotic.”

Comments like that are indeed harsh criticism, but we can agree that it’s a valid question. Why exactly is our beloved, boisterous, foul-mouthed singer the magazine’s top dog? What were the publication’s qualifications?

According to Vogue Italia, the ranking isn’t based on numbers and figures, but rather on identity. “Rihanna is our woman of the year because of what she does,” said Vogue Italia. “Most of all because of who she is.”

In that case, if identity is the deciding factor then Rih’s dubbing is unquestionable. In 2012 in  particular, Rihanna’s used social media to hurl her “identity” in people’s faces at quantum speed.

When there were reports that her ex Chris Brown dissed her in a song she strategically announced that “no one currr [care]” before unfollowing him on Twitter. Later, she would ask Cupid and his arrows to “stay away from her h–s” after reports that Drake, Brown and rapper Meek Mill were feuding over her. She’s unabashed and unapologetic and if that’s what Vogue Italia admires most in a woman, then we dare say they’ve got their girl—again.

Check out Vogue Italia’s crowning of the “Woman Of The Year” here. –danielle canada

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