OMG! WTH Happened to These Celebrities?!?


Can't believe this is the same guy who was the face of the most successful movie franchise ever, Star Wars

Some people like, Lindsay Lohan, deteriorate physically before our very eyes, or even Keith Richards, who has got to be the world’s first living fossil. Others become hermits retreat to some fame asylum on a Caribbean island where they mutate from the Hollywood heartthrob into a bloated caricature of their younger incarnations.

Celebrities are not only models of physical prowess and vibrancy during the pinnacle of their careers. They can also serve as sobering cautionary tales of what can happen if you completely let yourself go, either through lack of motivation, illicit substance abuse, alcoholism, depression and/or severe mental illness.

— terry shropshire


1. Brian Bonsall:

The former young male star of “Family Ties,” Brian played little brother Andy.  And he made a handful of kids movies that were awful, too.  But then what happened? After retiring from acting at age 14, Brian decided to dedicate his life to a mix of music and criminal activity.  After a couple of DUIs he graduated to domestic abuse, probabtion violations and failing to appear at court hearings.  Then he beat a man over the head with a barstool and that’s really the pinnacle of what he’s done since he retired.  Still on probation for that, as far as we know.

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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