Chris Brown and His Girlfriend Get New Tattoos, Again

When you’re a 23-year-old singer with extra time on your hands and a penchant for body art that you share with your 24-year-old girlfriend, what do you do? You get yet another tattoo, of course. Chris Brown, who has ink on his back, arms, chest, hands, leg, ear and neck, revealed today the latest addition to his seemingly nonstop tattoo collection. Taking to Instagram the singer posted a picture of the tatt with the caption, “The impossible triangle: year of the snake.”

Brown's latest tattoo: a rattle snake with "all-seeing eye"

The tattoo inked by Brown’s favorite artist, Peter Koskela aka Peter Tattooist, is in honor of the Chinese zodiac. 1989 is the year of the snake.

Similarly, Brown’s current girlfriend showed off a new tatt of her own this morning; a dragon across her hand running down to her middle finger. “Maybe I’m crazy,” she wrote for the caption. Tran’s tattoo is symbolic of the year of the dragon, 1988.

Karrueche Tran's dragon tattoo

Brown’s tribute to his birth year isn’t the only ink he got this week, however, check out the second tatt Brown added to his body and a brief look at the couple’s other tattoos below. –danielle canada