NBA star Joe Johnson’s current contract is worth a whopping  $126 million. Grossly overpaid due to a deal that he signed with his former team, Atlanta Hawks, Johnson is currently one of the highest paid players in the NBA.

However, he believes that he shouldn’t be the sole provider of his 5-year old son. According to reports, Johnson filed paperwork in Georgia to establish himself as the father of the young boy and he is also seeking joint custody, if the child is indeed his. Johnson also wants a DNA test to make sure he fathered the child.

But the most ridiculous request by Johnson is for the mother of the child, Shannon Beckton, to also pay child support so that he won’t have to take full financial responsibility.

The judge has yet to rule in the case.

Johnson was recently traded to the Brooklyn Nets and will team up with NBA All-Star Deron Williams.

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