High-Tech Apps That Break Down Language Barriers Quickly

Translating languages and understanding customs in a foreign locale has gotten easier than ever before. Actually, it’s almost ridiculously simple, but thank modern mobile technology for that. There are the following five apps, compatible with Androids and iPhones alike, that enable you to decipher words and customs in a matter of two easy steps and within seconds of uttering your command.

How easy? You just activate the app, speaking what you want to say in your language and the cellphone will come back with the translation in the language that you want, either in text or in speech.

Some appls, like Jibbigo, come with more than 10 different language pairs, and it does require you to purchase a separate app for each language (at $4.99 a pop). The app has more than 40,000 words in its word vocabulary, and it doesn’t require a network connection, which makes it very convenient for the anxious and excited mobile traveler.

The similar Google Translate is free, but there’s a caveat: the roaming charges will add up the longer you use the app.

Becoming one with the locals in any country can be difficult, especially if you are unaware of their customs, language and etiquette style.

Why add piling data charges to your travel budget? Scale down your phone bill with these five apps that are quick, simple and get to the point, so you’re spending less time on your phone and more time exploring the foreign terrain and getting work done. These apps offer translation by voice, text or photo, while also filling you in on the dos and don’ts of local culture so you can mingle without being the town fool. (Source).

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