‘Hollywood Exes’ Episode 5 Recap

This week, on “Hollywood Exes,” it’s all about mother-daughter relationships as both Nicole and Jessica spend quality time with their daughters. Meanwhile, Andrea works to get her swirl on, and Mayte goes on a blind date. Find out all of the details after the cut. –nicholas robinson


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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  1. Really good episode, I’m finally starting to get into this show fully now that it’s had a few episodes to get its bearings together and establish characters. I’m especially fond of Andrea – first off because I like her strong spirit, and second because anybody who was married to R. Kelly has had to deal with some shit. 

    Glad to see her teacher her first master dance class, and also thought it was cool that they used Arama Mara’s “Don’t You Bring Me Down” during that scene as it seems to embody a lot of what Andrea is all about. 

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