Atlanta International Fashion Week to Showcase International and Celebrity Designers

“To enhance the arts culture and tourism in Atlanta” is the aim of organizers of Atlanta International Fashion Week.

“It’s our mission to produce a great fashion presentation and to establish Atlanta as a pioneer in the international fashion arena,” shares Justin W. Henley, CEO and founder of JWH Apparel & Image Consultants, LLC.

AIFW attendees will enjoy a plethora of fashion including sessions on fashion and beauty, a runway experience, style exhibition and powerful networking at the sixth annual event taking place July 24-29, 2012, at various locations in downtown Atlanta.

“Atlanta is known to be the music mecca and now home for film [and] TV and a host of celebrities, we believe that now it’s time to add fashion to the list to establish Atlanta as an entertainment hub, globally,” says Henley.

This year’s fashion fete, known to attract celebrities, designers, buyers, aspiring models and industry insiders will “bridge the gap and connect continents through fashion.” Designers include Jason Christopher Peters, Jerome Allen, Sacred Heart, Simply Beautiful, Hyper Haute, Perfect Population including Brazilian designers Aguaviva, Elle pour L and over 25 others from around the globe.

When organizers are asked if Atlanta’s tastemakers understand how big a force AIFW is on the city’s fashion scene, Henley confirms, “The Atlanta Development Authority, media and some industry professionals understand the vision and have been quite supportive of this international affair.”

What is the vision for next five years? “To propel Atlanta and the brand to higher heights within the entertainment and fashion industries resulting in Atlanta becoming an hub for arts, culture and entertainment. To assist aspiring fashion designers through our Fashion Apprentice mentoring program,” Henley closes. –yvette caslin

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