Poverty Rate Could Hit Highest Level Since 1960s

According to the 2011 Census figures that will be officially released this fall, the poverty rate is on its way to the highest its been in nearly half a century. With that in mind, The Associated Press conducted a survey with economists, think tanks and academics that all agreed that the official poverty rate will rise from 15.1 percent in 2010 and could reach as high as 15.7 percent.

With that startling prediction, you might be wondering if where you live could possibly one of the states most affected. According to the Census’ most recent figures, eight of the country’s most impoverished states are in the South, the other two are in the Northeast and Midwest respectively. The financial news and opinion website, 24/7 Wall Street, analyzed last year’s Census data and compiled the list of the 10 poorest states in the U.S.

See if where you live is one of the most impoverished states below. –danielle canada

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