Reality TV’s Biggest Beefs

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A funny thing happened on the way to a peaceful society where, in the words of dearly departed Rodney King, we all just “got along.”

Reality television was created.

And with it, a whole new “reality” was created — one where the stars of said reality shows began to lose sight of the difference between fantasy and reality. The moment that line became blurred, all sorts of random foolishness began to spring up like wildfire, ranging from beefs to caricatures (remember “Real & Chance,” anyone?)
Well, this week, we decided to take a look at five of our favorite recent reality TV beefs. While we certainly don’t condone this type of behavior (especially when it sheds such a bad light on our community), one can’t help but be mildly amused at the small things that lead to so much chaos.

Lil Scrappy vs. Stevie J
On a recent episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” fans were shocked to see an all-out brawl between Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J, Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy after Stevie insulted the mother of Scrappy’s child, Dixon. And while the footage only showed bits and pieces of the fight, Scrappy recently claimed that he put Stevie in the hospital.

In a recent interview with Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, Scrappy shared his side of the story and explained that VH1, which has already come under fire for its on-screen fights, edited the fight scene to avoid more controversy and legal action.

“VH1 was getting a lot of flack — a lot of lash back — from fighting and all that,” Scrappy said. “I put my hands on him so bad, cuz. That’s why his eye is looking like that.” Scrappy then claimed that the fight was so intense that Stevie had to go to the hospital afterward.

“Them fools was in the hospital that night. They went to the hospital. Me and my baby mama, we went home,” Scrappy boasted.

Dixon also shared her side of the story with New York’s Power 105.1 and claimed that the fight was instigated by Hernandez, whom she claims threw the first punch.
“They edited a lot, but it all started because I was struck by a man,” said Erica. “When she hit me, I lost it.”

NeNe Leakes vs. Kandi Burruss
As rumors about the new season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” continue to swirl, two of its stars reportedly engaged in a physical altercation. NeNe Leakes, who’s been racking up TV roles and other accolades, is said to have taken her disdain for cast mate Kandi Burruss to a new level.

According to the New York Daily News, viewers will see Leakes and Burruss come to blows. “NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burruss get into a fight with production,” reported the news site. “The scuffle will not be cut out during editing and appear when the season airs, reportedly sometime in the fall. An insider with the program also called the situation “really bad” and accused the real ladies of being real divas this season.

K Michelle vs. Karlie Redd
From the moment “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” hit the airwaves, it was emphatically clear that two of its cast members were at odds. In one scene, Karlie Redd and K. Michelle engaged in a confrontation at a local restaurant; Redd shakes a table menacingly in Michelle’s direction before the singer retaliates and accuses her of lying. “Don’t shake the table unless you ready to get shook,” she later adds.

With that in mind, it was no surprise that these two ladies would let their dislike for each other spill onto social networks, and one fateful Tuesday they did just that. With thousands of Twitter followers watching, the two reality TV stars ripped into each other. The cause of their fight? A tweet from a blogger stating that instead of supporting K. Michelle, she was choosing “Team Karlie Redd.”

In case you missed it, here’s a rundown of the tweets:
“Matter fact, i take back every nice thing i said about @kmichelle now…since she’s just randomly blocking n—–,” said blogger Eleven8 of “It’s Team @KARLIEREDD!”

Karlie Redd retweeted this post, and K. Michelle went into an instant frenzy after the apparent diss;
“You are a well-known industry whore and none of the other girls in the cast wanna even take pics with u,” wrote Michelle.

“U betta be glad ur label brought [sic]your teeth. Y’all shoulda seen that horse mouth before she got it fixed,” fired back her arch-nemesis.

The most shocking tweet, however, came from Redd, who made reference to Michelle’s confession that her record exec ex abused her.

“You couldn’t get a crum [sic] snatcher even if you tried, wrote Redd. “That’s why your last man beat you.”

Wow, what a classy thing to say. Both ladies’ tweets have since been deleted.

NeNe Leakes vs. Star Jones
For months, viewers had been waiting for the highly anticipated showdown between “Celebrity Apprentice” rivals NeNe Leakes and Star Jones. When it finally occurred, viewers got that and more when Leakes berated Jones for her “backstabbing” ways.

Right from the start, viewers were served a heaping dose of drama from Leakes and Jones, when during the announcement of the teams’ latest assignment, Jones, who suggested that Leakes be project manager, was verbally attacked by Leakes, who was fed up with Jones’ competitive nature.

‘Who the f— died and made you the god of assigning project managers?” yelled Leakes. “I will take you down … when the rest of these girls won’t.”

Going a step further, Leakes got in Jones’ face and continued her attack.
“… You talked a good game, now bring your street game ’cause that’ s what I’m bringin’,” yelled Leakes. “Now where’s Barbara Walters, Miss I’m So Educated? How educated are you on the street?”

After remaining calm throughout the attack, Jones quietly stated that “I don’t do this. I don’t do threats,” trying to reason with Leakes, who was intent on silencing her nemesis.
“Shut the f— up … punk a– b—-,” yelled Leakes.

And just as soon as the drama started, it seemed to quickly end as Leakes accepted the role of project manager and things calmed down.

Gotta love NeNe.

The Braxton Sisters vs. Jill Scott
In one of the most shocking and unlikely Twitter beefs you’ll probably ever witness, Jill Scott and a couple of the Braxton sisters engaged in a brief verbal altercation via social media.

It all began when Scott tweeted, innocently enough: “Please watch Mary Mary on WE tv. Finally a real representation. Yay!!!!!!!!!!”

The statement seemed innocuous enough. But it was like a needle in the skin of the youngest Braxton sister, Tamar, who is also the most impulsive of the crew. Sensing some shade, she retweeted Jill’s comment and added: “Of freakin what?”

Tamar then tweeted: **gets in her feelings* She won’t go there*she won’t go there*she won’t go there* she won’t go there*she prays and waits*”

When one of Tamar’s followers, tweeted: “I LIKE YOU AND ALL BUT DON’T GO THERE WITH JILL HONEY … THAT’S JILL SCOTT …”

Tamar responded: “She went there! Read [what Jill wrote]”

Tamar wasn’t the only Braxton sister showing out over Jill’s comment. Towanda jumped on her page and tweeted: “Finally realizing how folk hate on [Braxton Family Values]… Get a life!”

Towanda then defended their online assault on Scott, when questioned by some of her Twitter followers. To one, she replied, “Child get it together … because when you attack a Braxton, we get it ALL IN! Try it!!”

She also had this to say to another Twitter follower, “suga … opinions we can handle but black shade against black shade I can not!! We should all stick 2gether or say nothing! Suga, we know there is no competition and I applaud females doing their thing but the shade is apparent!”

Tamar concluded: “TOWANDA called it shade … AND … I get crunk when folk talk about harming my family!! ALL of this is very agley!!! never mad boo … just disappointed that people can’t respect family!!”

Jill Scott’s only comment to Tamar was:
“u can’t be speaking to me.”

Scott also added:
“Ok grow all the way up people. Just because I love oranges doesn’t mean I HATE apples.”

Honorable mention:
Flavor Flav, Ray J, Chad Ochocinco vs. Common Sense
Let’s hope that we have officially seen the end of black men looking for love on dating reality shows … or as we like to call it, the Pimp Olympics.

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