There is probably no other facet of American society where you would find Ice-T and right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh come down on the same side. But both believe in gun rights.

But in the wake of the tragic mass murder at The Dark Knight Rises premiere in Aurora, Colo., rapper-actor-producer Ice-T reiterated that he is a strong proponent of gun rights, despite the monstrous deeds of that madman who killed 12 people and injured up to 50.

When Limbaugh learned what Ice-T said about being a defender of gun rights, Limbaugh gave the icon a backhanded compliment. At first, Limbaugh praised Ice-T for his stance, but then noted that Ice-T “knew the word ‘tyranny.’ ”

When Ice-T was told what Limbaugh had to say about him, Ice-T simply said that Limbaugh is a “racist piece of s—,” the media reports.

May be true, but I seriously doubt that Ice-T is the type of audience that Limbaugh is trying to reach.

terry shropshire

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