Luster Products has signed recently married television and film actress Meagan Good as the newest celebrity face of Luster Products Limited Edition Pink® Brand Smooth Touch® New Growth Relaxer Kits and spokesperson for the Smooth Touch product line. Good joins the ranks of Grammy®-winning singer-songwriter and actress LeToya Luckett, former member of the pop group Destiny’s Child, and platinum-selling R&B recording artist Keyshia Cole, as the latest celebrity ambassador for the Smooth Touch® brand.

Having worked with all three celebrity ambassadors, Luster Products’ brand manager Theresa Stevenson-Weaver discusses how the brand continues to stay on trends, choosing the brand ambassador and how she spends her time as a brand manager for the half-century-old company. –yvette caslin

Please share about Luster Product’s campaign with actress Meagan Good.

We partnered with Meagan Good to help share our story with the Smooth Touch® young lady. She’s very stylish, embodies great hair and fashion and so does our Smooth Touch consumer. Our girl is all about trend setting. She’s on the go and she’s got style with edge. We knew that Meagan would be a great brand ambassador. We have wonderful products including our limited-edition Pink brand Smooth Touch® Relaxer and styling products that give you the foundation. The foundation of any great style starts with silky, smooth hair.

When seeking a brand ambassador, what character traits does the Luster brand look for?
We were seeking someone with a platform and a following who they could share our story with — our message about our great hair products that we have produced for years. She has great hair, style and appeals to our 16-to 24-year-old consumer target. Meagan Good was an obvious choice with everything that she has accomplished since she was younger, and reinventing and revitalizing her career. She returned to TV with a signature hairstyle on the show “The Game.” It embodied versatility and style with edge.

As a brand manager for Luster Products, what is your day-to-day like?
Overall, my responsibilities include strategizing, developing and executing key marketing initiatives for Smooth Touch® and Renutrients®. There’s everything from what is going to help us tell the story of the products and what will sell them? I develop key strategies that include celebrity endorsements, PR, sampling, meeting consumers at events, and advertising campaigns. This year, we have an all-new campaign called Straight Stylatude; we’re really promoting that our limited-edition relaxer kit is your best choice for any great style. It’s the foundation.

You mentioned “limited-edition.” How long will the relaxer kits featuring Meagan Good be available?
I encourage everyone to go and get their relaxer kit now. We hope to have an enduring relationship with Meagan but go and get the products soon.

How are you using social media to share updates with consumers?
We’re on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube where we share hairstyling and hair care tips from our Luster styling experts. Topics include, “How to Protect Your Hair from the Sun,” “What Products Help You…;” etc. Consumers can send in photos of themselves holding their limited-edition relaxer kit purchase and we listen to their hair care concerns and offer advice.

We also use social media to announce news and updates, like our partnership with Meagan Good. We have a behind-the-scenes video of our photo shoot with Meagan.

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