Phaedra Parks Divorcing Her Husband? 3 Biggest ‘RHOA’ Breakups

Apollo and Phaedra

After finding fame on an Atlanta based Bravo reality show, a real housewife and her real husband are reportedly heading toward a real divorce. Phaedra Parks, the tenacious attorney and mother to a toddler son, Ayden, is said to be splitting from her husband, Apollo Nida. Both Nida and Parks were featured on two seasons of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” program leaving them both generously paid; Nida was said to make $50,000 per season while his wife brought $300,000 and a $75,000 bonus to the table.


Now despite making mounds of money as a couple, rumors are swirling that the pair will soon split. According to AllAboutTRH, a website dedicated to “all housewives everything,” a source tells them that Bravo producers have been trying to tape the couple’s marital problems but have been shut down by Nida himself. “The producers from ‘RHOA’ are trying to snoop and shoot certain scenes of them arguing, but Apollo is just so aggressive he has started to refuse to partake in any filming,” reports the site. “Apollo has even started threatening to take their son Ayden and leave.”

There are also reports that Parks was spotted at a recent church service without two of her prized possessions; her diamond wedding ring and her handsome husband. Parks and Nida have yet to comment.

If news of their impending divorce is indeed true, Bravo will no doubt find a way to highlight it on the upcoming season of “Housewives”‘ this fall. Breakups are nothing new to the “RHOA” cast, and several of the other cast members found themselves in similar situations. Check out three of the most memorable Atlanta housewife breakups below. –danielle canada

  1. Phaedra works her butt off and Apollo is nothing but a cheating con. Does he even have a job? Please Phaedra you can do so much better, kick that cheating jerk to the curb hon.

  2. You knew you had some real problems with your husband’s education and his real character before you married him. Some of we women think we can change our mates. He is a GROWN MAN. We have no right to change any adult, except ourselves. A marriage is doomed, when we don’t look, very closely, before we leap and if we think the water is too deep, don’t jump in it. You thought his looks were sufficient to make the marriage–not. Besides he doesn’t look that good to me. He looks like he has a lot of white genes, but I don’t think looking white necessarily makes you attractive.

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