Solange Knowles Goes Topless in New Photos

Solange Knowles is in a good place right now, mentally and career-wise, and it shows on her face. She has a glow about her that was conspicuously missing during her awkward transition into adulthood. In the past, some of big sister Beyoncé’s fans where merciless when describing Solange’s so-called physical shortcomings. No more!

The 26 year old Solange is no longer compared negatively to her older sister in terms of music, beauty or physical attributes. She now feels comfortable enough to release some striking, topless photos of herself that were taken off the coast of Massachusetts.

One of the more provocative photos taken on Nashawena Island  shows Solange, with her back to the camera, wearing only a hot pink bikini bottom.

When describing the inspiration behind the shoot as well as the color, Solange said this:

“Pink, on the lips of your lover, Cause Pink is the love you discover.”

Alan Ferguson, Solange’s current boyfriend, would likely concur with her sentiments.

Three things are for sure: she has the looks, a modeling career, and the DJ talent to boot. Check out her latest pics in our gallery. 

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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