Toya Wright Shows Off Her Weave-Free Look; Beyoncé and Other Celebs’ Real Hair

In the age of nearly floor length weaves and intricate lace front wigs, a number of extension wearers are thought to use false hair to replace their barely -there tresses. Not so says Toya Wright, the ex-wife of Lil Wayne turned reality TV star, and several other avid weave wearers. Wright, 28, took to Instagram Tuesday to silence naysayers who’ve accused her of lacking in the hair department. “Myhair #natural #curly #blowdried #allmine,” wrote the mother underneath pictures of her natural tresses.

Toya Wright's Latest Instagram Pictures

Tuesday’s pictures mark the second time Wright has shown off her lengthy locks, having previously sported an all natural ponytail in December. Her post didn’t come without criticism however. Fans quickly noted that her hair wasn’t necessarily “natural” because she has a relaxer. Toya’s response? “Stop hating because I wear weave by choice and not because I need it,” she said. “That pic pissed u off that much? #ICant.”

Toya Wright's Hair In December

Whether all natural or just naturally growing out of her own scalp, Toya Wright is just one of several black Hollywood celebs who’s made headlines when spotted without their beloved weaves. Check out a few of the most famous pictures of your favorite celebs’ real hair below.-danielle canada

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