Casper Smart Spotted Leaving A “Gay” Peep Show 

Is the new man in Jennifer Lopez’ life harboring a secret? That’s the question that’s being asked today after her boy-toy-turned-boyfriend was spotted leaving an adult novelty shop. While at first thought to be just a kinky escapade, Caper Smart, 25, has since been accused of visiting the seedy establishment for much more scandalous reasons. According to a blogger by the name of Bimbo Winehouse, the 43-year-old’s beau visited a nearby peep show, one where straight men go to engage in gay sex acts.

“Apparently Capser the ‘friendly queen’ was visiting this peep show on 8th avenue between 39th and 40th, that is my spot! In these booths only one person is supposed to go in each booth but if you pay them a little money…”

Winehouse then described a room in the building where men can engage in sex acts with other men discretely behind closed doors.

Smart Allegedly Leaving A Peep Show

This is not the first Smart’s been accused of being a homosexual man that’s latching onto the famous latina for her money; in June pictures surfaced of Smart posing in stuffed underwear in a room surrounded by other men. Sources quickly reported that his relationship with Lopez was a sham; “Check out ur boy… And his low key homo ways,” said Joshua Lee Ayers, a fellow dancer who worked with Smart in the past. “I know what I know, Not love, a lot of business and public relations,” he added. A rep for Smart later denied Ayers claims.

Check out the video “exposing” Casper Smart below.

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