It looks like even the most famous faces in the black community aren’t safe from racial profiling. Monday, July 30, former CNN anchor T.J. Holmes was pulled over by police, just a mile from his Atlanta home, for “driving while being black.”

Like any star in that situation, Holmes live tweeted the entire incident and even took a picture of the police car.

“Driving while black ain’t no joke!” he tweeted, along with an Instagram photo of the cop car.

“Yep, in sitting on the side of the road 1 mile from my house with 2 cop cars behind me,” he continued.

When Holmes asked the police why he was pulled over, the officer struggled to offer a valid answer, leaving Holmes furious at the ordeal.

“This is a d—n shame. Officer is literally stumbling over his words trying to explain why he stopped me,” he tweeted, adding, “Officer’s reason for pulling me over: ‘wanted to make sure you have insurance on the car.’ I kid you not.”

In the end, Holmes was let go without any charges. Holmes says that the incident may have soured his relationship with Atlanta police and he promised to write a detailed account on his blog later on.

“Well guys, I managed to avoid jail time. However, my relationship with ____ County police may have just soured a bit. #showmeyourpapers,” tweeted Holmes, adding, “Still pissed beyond words right now. But Lord knows I’m not the only this will happen to today. #showmeyourpapers”

Sadly, this isn’t the only case of celebrity racism we’ve seen as of late. Check out some other incidents below. – nicholas robinson


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