Matt Barnes Threatens Police During Arrest for Warrants

Los Angeles Lakers forward Matt Barnes had a serious case of brain-hiccup when he reportedly threatened a police officer who was arresting him for traffic warrants.

The alleged incident was caught on tape, which means it will be impossible for Barnes to deny that he acted menacingly towards a peace officer.

Manhattan Beach police Sgt. Paul Ford stated to the media that Barnes was released on $51,000 bail — $26,000 for the unpaid warrants and $25,000 for the felony charge of threatening law enforcement — and was released shortly before 11:30 p.m. Monday, some three hours after his arrest. Above is Barnes’ mugshot.

It’s not that his team leader, Kobe Bryant, can say much. Someone secretly took pictures of Bryant shirtless in a club surrounded by women and it was splashed all over TMZ and other social media sites. Even if it is all innocent, which is looks like it may be (someone spilled a drink all over his shirt, the media says), it’s still a bad look given Bryant’s past and his attempts to reconcile his marriage.

— terry shropshire



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