Evelyn Lozada Sends Condolences to Tameka Raymond After Son’s Death

Millions of sympathetic fans across the globe have already shared their words of sorrow and support for Usher and Tameka Raymond, whose son, Kile Glover, was laid to rest on July 27 after being fatally wounded in a jet ski accident earlier this month. And now, Raymond’s friend, reality star Evelyn Lozada, is sending condolences to the grieving mother.

“My heart goes out to Tameka, it is the most devastating thing in the world to lose a child. I can’t even imagine how she is feeling,” Lozada told RadarOnline.

As previously reported, Glover and a female friend were run over by Jeffery S. Hubbard in a tragic jet ski accident at an Atlanta lake on July 8. Shortly afterwards, Glover was pronounced brain dead and on July 21, he was pronounced dead after his heart stopped.

“I texted with her after the accident while he was on life support and she was still praying for a miracle,” Evelyn revealed to Radar. “We’ve not spoken since Kile died, but I sent her a message saying I was thinking of her. I am just giving her space and privacy and if she wants to reach out to us, we’re here.”

Lozada previously shared her grief over Glover’s death via Twitter.

“Laying here thinking about how short life is, and how we complain about things that really don’t matter! RIPKILE,” she tweeted.

Like Lozada, we send our condolences out to Raymond, Usher and their families as well. Check out some other famous family tragedies below. – nicholas robinson


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