Lupe Fiasco Plans to Feed Hundreds in Chicago During Ramadan

Lupe Fiasco may be in hot water over his recent Obama critique, but the conscious emcee is about to earn major humanitarian points as he’s announced that he plans to feed hundred of hungry Chicago residents over the course of the religious holiday Ramadan.

According to WBEZ 91.5, Lupe Fiasco and his foundation plan to feed 100 of his fellow Chicago natives every day during Ramadan, roughly 3,000 people throughout the entire month of observance.

On July 31, Lupe paid a visit to Payless corner store in the Engelwood area to pass out vegan food from Soul Vegan restaurant. Engelwood residents dined on an array of food, including vegan ribs, macaroni and cheese and greens.

“It may seem like it’s insignificant, but you never know who’s going to walk away with something and what’s the best way to put it but juxtapose it next to the thing, which is the most visited thing in the community, which is the corner store,” Lupe said.

The Inner City Muslim Action Network is behind the campaign, called “Muslim Run,” which aims to push corner stores like Payless to stock more nutritious foods on there shelves. Fifteen other corner stores have signed a letter of intent to offer healthier foods, limit alcohol and become more aesthetically pleasing.

“This has been practiced for over 40 years. It’s a domino effect if other stores see stores begin to change the aesthetics, remove products that aren’t selling,” said IMAn organizer Shamar Hemphill.

This will be at least the second year in a row that Lupe has fed Chicagoans throughout Ramadan and we commend him for continuing to “share the wealth” with those less fortunate and to push for greater change for nutrition in his native city.

And he’s not the only star who’s working to make the world a better place. Check out some other active celebrity humanitarians below. – nicholas robinson


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