After looking like seemingly good friends on a VH1 show, two reality stars are taking their disdain for each other online. K. Michelle and Rasheeda of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” had a war of words Monday just days after rumors ran rampant that they came to blows during a taped reunion show.

“Rasheeda reportedly got in K. Michelle’s face and the two started fighting but Rasheeda lost badly,” wrote an online gossip site. “Rasheeda was “repeatedly punched” in the face while on the ground and eventually lost consciousness before security was able to break it up.”

Since the story ran, Rasheeda’s been adamant that the rumors are false and no such fight took place. Unfortunately for her, however, she’s been continuously blasted by questions from inquisitive fans, including one who asked her about the situation directly.

After either seeing her tweet or just releasing some previously harbored anger, K. Michelle had a response of her own; “you’re not a boss. ”

Rasheeda is known for calling herself “The Boss” and previously released a series of Boss B—- Music mixtapes.

“There’s nothing boss about not having a backbone, don’t let ya friends scare you and make you feel bad for thinking for yourself,” wrote Michelle about her cast mate on Twitter. “I’ve kept it 1000 this far and will continue to.”

Rasheeda obviously got word of Michelle’s jabs and offered a response of her own, “You have no man and no friends!” wrote the reality starlet. “#UrSelfDestructing!”

Both ladies were previously seen posing together at a “Love & Hip Hop” premiere party. Looks like those days are over.

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  • SherriEtienne

    Rasheeda need not even entertain K. Michelle’s antics. K. is looking for attention and I would not entertain nor oblige her efforts to stay relevant. Poof, Pow, Be Gone! Now that’s being a Boss!

  • Prettygirl


  • Prettygirl

    People kill me adding their two cents on shit they dont know about…Rasheeda wont there and toya wont there so how do they know what went on between k and hitz. And it aint like k just started saying hitz abused her its been known before LAHHA bt rasheeda was still smiling in her face n now she wanna flip flop cuz thats her close friends husband… ol clown ass probably neva associated with him before until toya got wit em

    • Miss Truth Hurts

      Dumb retarded ass foreigner.!…WTF@ “She wont there” Learn how to type & spek proper English douchbag!

  • CaliGirlSwagWestCoast

    Thats what rasheeda get for being a fake ass friend. What k.michelle said was the truth and as a “friend” rasheeda shoulda been caring about that in an emotional supportive way instead of being angry. Rasheeda may think she was taking up for her friend toya butshe was wring. Toya is a grown ass woman and if she had a prob she should be the one to get upset. Then again, neither rasheeda nor toya should be upset about what k went through. She the one who was abused. And thats effed up what she went through. Rasheeda shoulda shutted her mouth. You poke ya nose in somebody business asking for trouble? You gon get it. And for that, she got a well deserved beat down. #TeamK.Michelle

    • Miss Truth Hurts

      WTF are you even talking about. How do you figure they were friends? Man I hate SHEEP like you. B**Tch you really posting large blocks of text about some faux friendship like yo know this sh**t for a fact. Heifer SHUT UP! They were never friends! NO ONE on the show is you dummY! These people work together and hang out for the sake of the show, and “IF” a friendship actually forms then oh well….See…you’re the gullible ass “target audience” Shed Media markets too…*smh* Dumb b*tch

    • Miss Truth Hurts

      Not to mention KMichelle is an ignorant ass hoodrat that behaves like a TEEN, while she labeling others as such. That stupid b*tch immediately starts spewing out childish “below the belt” insults as soon as she disagrees with someone…Talkin bout folks age, hair, body, clothes face…..Which by the way her funny lookin ass cant talk about NO BODY with terrible skin like hers…Not to mention screaming “I’m from Memphis!” every time she has a verbal altercation, like some loud obnoxious hoodrat bumpkin. This b**tch claims all this violence that happen at the hands of her Ex but I have seen nothing but hostility, aggression & violence from her *AHEM*=> Her loud ass has verbally attacked damn near everyone on the show, She physically assault ole’ girl with a napkin/holder; she has threatened bodily harm to numerous people in person & on twitter; she admitted to going to JIVE Records corporate office and behaving erratically/aggressively/irrationally yelling & screaming & had to be removed by security. <= KMichelle's story is FULL of holes honey. People out in TV land only see this fraud-heifer and what she has to say, but folks living right in the ATL (which is SUPER small when it comes to dirt) know whats up with her crazy f***ckin ass….Even if he did beat her, KMichelle is another Rhianna/Evelyn. A sick woman that will make a SAINT cuss. Her nasty disrespectful mouth almost got her head knocked off at the reunion. Which by the way, where is this crap comin from about KMichelle knockin out Rasheeda? KMichelle is a chunky lazy midget with a BIG MOUTH, all bark and no damn bite.

      • –k.Michelle

        do t talk about k.Michelle please don’t in that order

  • smhblackwomen

    Rasheeda aint sh#t just a broke b#tch who got dropped from every  label becuz they aint kiss her a$$ back in the day she may had a chance but since nikki came out she killin competition toya aint sh#t either every since li wayne got her that show she been acting like she so big hen chicken she aint nothin but lil wayne ex who downgraded to a man that like drama too hence the t-pain drama a few months ago toya just need k.michele or any body to put a foot in her a$$ to shut her up notice when she was wit wayne she aint have or start no drama he had her a$$ in check unlike her female of a husband and if her and toya so cool why haven’t toya husband and rasheeda worked together this show is so fake where chrissy at?

  • M2h53d91

    Boss of what? Boss of who? Rasheeda is a 39yr old grandmother who is an aspiring rapper trying to go global and lives from paycheck to paycheck. Her rap songs have no real flow because she doesnt have any skills or originality…her rhymes arent clever..and her videos are wack and poorly put together. None of the top rappers in the ATL (T.I., Ludacris, Wacka Flocka Flame) or New Orleans (Lil Wayne) have ever put her on their CD…she is past her prime and jealous of K. Michelle…Rasheeda hasnt even been on any high profile tours….

  • TheRealest

    Rasheeda is real y’all. The fight never even happend. Y’all dumb 611 niggas believe everything people say. Memphitz is innocent till proven guilty. When k.michelle shows them papers, then that’s when’s y’all can hop on the bandwagon. Rasheeda got so much talent, just horrible music video producers. She is the boss chick #TeamRasheeda

  • Gerald Batista
  • tymeka broks

    i really would like to meet you guys k/m and Mimi I love you guys I am 13 teen and I would do anything to meet u guys my name is tymeka chantel brooks and my mom would really love to meet you guys tomeka foster

  • tymeka broks

    I love everyone but Steve I am glad Mimi left him go head Mimi