K. Michelle Threatens to Slap Toya Wright


It’s no secret that K. Michelle and Toya Wright are far from friends. The two women have recently been embroiled in a feud over K. Michelle’s allegations that MeMpHiTz, her former boyfriend and Wright’s current husband, assaulted her when they were together years ago. In a recent Twitter battle, K. Michelle took her beef with Wright to another level, when she threatened to hit her.

During their recent feud, Wright called K. Michelle a “schizo” and questioned her allegations of abuse, saying that there K. Michelle has no evidence to back up her claims. Wright also alleged that many mutual acquaintances claim that K. Michelle was the abusive one in the relationship.

Being the spitfire that she is, K. Michelle quickly responded to Wright’s tweets with a series of jabs that eventually resulted in her threatening to slap Wright.

Apparently, Wright decided not to respond to K. Michelle’s threat but this battle is obviously far from over.

Hopefully though, these two women won’t resort to violence and end up a high-profile fight like these other rowdy stars below. – nicholas robinson


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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  1. I think K Michelle knows better than to touch @ToyaWright. She thinks she’s having a hard time getting a deal. She’ll be sweeping up hair in a barbershop.

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