Critics Taunt Tia Mowry’s Son

Celebrities no doubt prepare themselves for the constant ribbing  from critics, but what happens when those same critics set their sights on their children? One celebrity forced to face that reality is actress Tia Mowry who’s the proud mother of her 1-year-old son Cree. The actress-turned-doting-mom recently noticed that a number of negative comments were being hurled her son’s way by Internet commentators. “OMG that baby’s head is huge,” wrote one critic on her Facebook page. “Ya’ll need to stop lying im not sayn anything else,” they added. “I hate Tia Mowry’s son face,” said one of her followers on Twitter. “He looks so old.”

Obviously upset over people’s perception of her child, Tia posted a picture on her Facebook page with the caption, “It’s disgusting that some focus on looks. I brought a beautiful child into this world.” The picture was of herself and her son dressed in a fireman’s costume.

Since then the Mowry’s have been showered with support from fans. “This baby is precious! What is wrong with you people calling him ugly?Iif you don’t like him, then stay off of her page,” wrote a fan.”It is disgusting how people feel the need to judge a child in such a manner. They need to focus on their ugly spirit[s].” “I love each and every one of my followers! You guys are amazing! Xx,” wrote Tia after reading the well wishes.

In a similar fashion Will and Jada’s daughter Willow Smith has been harshly criticized for her style of dress and hairstyles. Most recently the 11-year-old made headlines for her music video “I Am Me” detailing her struggle to deal with fame and even sported a  fake magnetic tongue ring.  A number of people have since questioned her sexuality. “How people feel about Willow is how people feel about Willow,” said Jada in defense of her daughter. “But what I’m most concerned about is how Willow feels about herself. She’s an independent, courageous, genius, talented little girl. I’m happy for her that she can just be who she is.”

Should celebrity children be off limits or is that just the price of fame?  Sound off below. -danielle canada