Donovan Ford: Computer Whiz Kid and 2016 Olympic Hopeful

Among the terrific American athletes in London are a batch of young talented Olympic hopefuls who are training daily while they await their time to shine in the 2016 Olympics. Donovan Ford is one of them. Not only is he an athlete, but Ford is an accomplished college student who has been featured in national commercials supporting his college, DeVry University.

Despite his broad and brazen professional weight-lifter frame, Ford is mild-mannered and articulate. “School is an escape from my normal life” he previously stated. Often athletes dedicate their time towards training for their sport, Ford admits, “I can’t lift weights forever.”

That’s why Ford decided to get an education from DeVry. “Its always been a hobby of mine to tinker with computers. I got the opportunity to go to DeVry University and I jumped on it because I need a degree to provide for myself and the family I want to have”.

The planning and foresight Ford committed to for his educational choice, highlights how he views education as a key factor for success. Currently enrolled as a computer information systems major, Ford’s story attests to DeVry University’s ability to meet the needs of diverse students from different walks of life. Young people today are disillusioned with college because of high tuition costs or an overall disregard for earning a college degree. Ford is an anomaly of many sorts.

“I’ve always thought that no obstacle was too great for me to overcome” he adds. Dedication and planning are key to Ford’s success. Nonetheless, there are times where he found himself broken and in need of inspiration to carry on. When struck with such times he said “I always think back to where I started. I’ve had a long difficult road but I’ve always found ways to overcome obstacles”.

With such a demanding Olympic training regimen and homework its obvious that he can become overwhelmed yet he seems to be content with his situation. “I would have it no other way. If none of that stuff ever happened to me I wouldn’t be where I am today and I wouldn’t be on track to achieving one of the biggest goals of my life,” he says.

Check out his commercial for DeVry University here.






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