Azealia Banks’ Magazine Cover Banned in 7 Countries



 Azealia Banks’ ‘Dazed & Confused’ Cover Banned 

A controversial female rapper is once again raising eyebrows, not for her unabashed in-your-face attitude, but for a provocative magazine cover. Azealia Banks, 21, who previously beefed with Nick Minaj, Jim Jones, Funkmaster Flex and any and everyone who’s rubbed her the wrong way, is the current cover girl for Dazed & Confused magazine. Unfortunately for people in at least seven countries, her edition of the publication has been permanently banned. On the cover the rapper poses with an inflated condom in her mouth.

“Azealia liked it, and we thought it would be fun and suited her because she’s a strong, provocative character,” said the magazine’s editor, Ron Stanley. “I knew this cover would be talked about, but didn’t expect a confident, young woman posing with an inflated condom to cause this much fuss.”

“It’s funny that in a world where extreme images are so accessible, someone posing with something that is used for safe sex is what we get worked up about,” Stanley added.

For readers where the mag isn’t banned, they’ll note that Azealia will discuss her upbringing and detail how losing her father to cancer made her “boy crazy.” “Growing up I was so curious about boys. I just loved them,” she told the mag. “I’d always get my recesses taken away for letting boys touch my butt in the lunch line. I got in trouble for fooling around in school a lot. I just wanted to be touched, ya know? I just wanted to have sex. And my mom was always working so there was never anyone around to tell me no.”

Since the photos and excerpts from her Dazed & Confused interview were released, Banks has been blasted with criticism in particular from adults worried about young children seeing the issue on newsstands.

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