Willow Smith Pens a Letter to Tupac

Willow Writes to the Rap Legend

After obviously hearing stories about her mother’s close relationship with rapper Tupac Shakur, Willow Smith has penned a letter to the rap legend, who died in 1996. Willow, 11, has been making headlines recently for what’s been described as “erratic” behavior.

In June, her “I Am Me” music video, which details the struggles of fame, made its debut. Before that, Willow posed with a magnetic tongue ring and seemingly changed the color of her hair on a weekly basis.

Now, she’s released her a heartfelt memo to Shakur asking him about his whereabouts. If there were any doubts before that Willow is still just a child whose innocence has not yet been tainted by Hollywood, this letter should silence them.

In her letter, filled with scribbled handwriting, Willow tells the rapper that she’s positive he’s still alive and would like him to come back “so momy [sic] and  me can be happy.”

Long before Willow wrote to the rapper, Jada claimed that she and Shakur had a “romantically platonic relationship.”

“We knew us being together in a romantic way would destroy everything because we were both fire,” said Pinkett-Smith. “We would burn everything up! So we knew in order to preserve our relationship there was no way we could ever add romance to it cause we probably would’ve killed each other.”

Before his passing, Shakur wrote Jada a heartfelt poem of his own.

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