Nicki Minaj Picked for ‘American Idol,’ Mariah Carey Irate

Mariah Carey reportedly slammed down the phone in disgust when she was informed that superstar Nicki Minaj may well become a judge on “American Idol,” media outlets report.

To add insult to injury, Carey was told that Minaj was considered the top candidate for the position, both and U.S. Weekly reported.

Reportedly, Carey, 42, was told that she would be the only woman among the set of judges. Also, at this point in their careers, Minaj, 29, is a much bigger star and far younger than the songstress.

Another conundrum that producers of “Idol” have not taken into consideration is the ethnicity of all the judges should such a scenario play out where Carey, Minaj and Randy Jackson sit as judges on one of the most successful reality TV shows of all time — all three are black.

However, it is unclear if Jackson, the lone male and holdover from the original “Idol” program, will return. If he does, reports that producers would consider a second male to balance out the estrogen overload.

The “American Idol” braintrust is also considering Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Enrique Iglesias to judge on the show that remains popular among young people though it has lost much of the luster it had in previous years.

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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  1. What did Mariah think she was signing up for? This is a popularity contest and television shows are for ratings, why else would you have a non-singer judge singers?

  2. Although plenty of great talent has passed through American Idol it’s always been a show that could’ve done many thing much better. The decisions to include ‘sketchy’ singers like Minaj, Paula Abdul and Jennifer Lopez is one of them. The choices of songs to sing is another (they sing a lot of cornball stuff).
    I hope the part about Carey being ‘irate’ isn’t true. She’s got plenty of money and opportunities so it shouldn’t be that serious really.

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